We recommend bringing the following clothing and accessories to make your trip more enjoyable:


Apart from the items listed above, which are really necessary, people often bring at least twice as many things as they need, and usually return home with most of their clothes still folded neatly in their bags. Usually when you travel by boat you stay all day long in shorts and a T-shirt or in a bathing costume, however a jumper is necessary in the evenings if there is a bit of wind, jeans or cotton pants. Life on board is a little bit more tiring than staying on the beach so in the evenings after dinner and a couple of beers or a nice wine we don't always go ashore, but for those who want to experience the nightlife, a smaller bag for clothes would probably be the best thing, and remember that you need to bring a soft, foldable haversack because there isn't as much room on a ship as there is in a hotel bedroom, but I would never trade it in for a 5 star hotel, seeing as I've tried both. If you really have to bring something extra along with you, bring something for swimming or diving, and after saying this, have a good holiday and enjoy the wind.